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Meghan Markle’s Staff Is Departing and We Know Why

Written by Kalvi Bhoomi

There is a reason for everything in life. Even quitting your job in the Royal Palace. Getting to be the part of a Royal Family is a dream for many people out there. However, not many people are actually aware that it is not all sunshine and rainbows when you work for the royals. Do not mistake them as untouchables either. There is rarely a moment where they are truly alone, and privacy is one of the biggest things that the royals are after.


However, the staff has started to quit their jobs at the palace, and the Duchess of Sussex is the center of the issues. She is actually in quite a bad spot currently, and she does not have a single team member beside her anymore. Wonder why the employees have had enough? We have some fresh news from the Palace insiders just for you. Make sure to read on!

The New Duchess

There are numerous people outside of the Royal Family, who made their way inside. Meghan Markle is one of them. The Duchess made sure that her wedding was one of the biggest we have ever seen, and that both she and Prince Harry had the walk down the aisle that they thought they deserved. The latest news to hit the news is that the Duchess is pregnant and expecting a child!

She is an American


Prince Harry was one of those royal folks who we all thought would never settle down. He was always the party guy until he stumbled upon Meghan. It may seem like a perfect story for a Hollywood blockbuster to some, but it is real. However, Meghan had already been through a marriage and a divorce prior. The Royal Family did not like that. And she is also an American!

Quite Bossy

There are rarely any news of the Royal Family other than the news that they wish to spread. However, there are many rumors out there, and one, in particular, is about Meghan. According to the rumors, she is a very bossy type and is no stranger to sending her employees the daily schedule at 5 AM in the morning.

Too Much to Handle


There were things that Meghan had to learn in the start, and that is why she had a loyal assistant by her side. Melissa Toubati was no stranger to working for a celebrity. She had worked with Robbie Williams and his family prior. However, the Duchess proved to be too much, and Melissa quit after six months.

Career Improvement

There are numerous people out there who would simply love to work for the Royal Family, and Melissa was one of them. She looked at this job offer as an improvement in her career. However, it seems like it proved to be just the opposite of that. The excitement soon washed away.

Yet Another Switch


Samantha Cohen has been with the Royal Family for 17 years, and she was seen as the perfect candidate after Melissa left. She had been with the family for so long that one would think that there was no obstacle or challenge that could stand in her way. However, the Duchess proved to be just that, and Samantha is also leaving after the baby is born.

The Woman of Many Roles

Samantha Cohen was actually no stranger to switching roles and had been through many of them. She was Queen Elizabeth II’s press spokeswoman and even her private secretary. She knew the Family from the ground up and knew what their needs were. But it all seemed to be too much. Even for her.

A New Role


Samantha actually knew that she would not be with the Royals forever. Her best guess was a year or so, but the family simply loved having her around. She finally decided that enough was enough and that she would end her career with them as beautifully as it started – with the birth of a child. She felt as if she had done everything that was asked of her and more.

Quitting Was in Plans

There are numerous sources out there who claim that Samantha was planning on leaving for quite a while. She took the opportunity to help Meghan and knew full well that she would be quitting in the spring of 2019. According to the sources, her departure had left quite a hole in the family’s lives.

Prince Harry is Demanding


There are numerous things going on in the background, and the marriage was one of them. Robert Johnson, a royal biographer, said that for once it was not Meghan causing the trouble, but Prince Harry himself. He said that Meghan should get everything she wanted, and her list was quite long.

Solving the Relationship Issues

There were numerous people at the wedding with numerous tasks. Melissa had quite a peculiar one. She had to be the bridge between the Duchess and her father. There were rumors of their not-so-good relationship, and they could not afford a scandal. The staged photos of a suit fitting were the icing on the cake.

Different Tiara


As if dealing with relationships was not enough, there were troubles with the tiara as well. The one that Meghan wore on her wedding day was not the one she chose. She wanted one with huge emeralds, but the Queen did not allow it. The reason was simple, actually – the origin of the emeralds could not be traced.

A Warning

You would think that having a schedule ready for your employees and grinding them to their bones would be enough for the Duchess. You would be wrong. She is also breaking numerous royal rules, and she has even received warnings to start dressing like a royal, not a movie star.

Modernization Not Allowed


One would think that the rules are pretty simple to follow, but that is not the case at all. Meghan found that out the hard way, and it was actually prior to her wedding. She wanted air fresheners set up in the St. George’s Church to get rid of the musty smell. A smart idea, but a denied one as well.

The Clash of Teams

Every member of the Royal Family has its own team. And when the family members clash with each other, they are often on the receiving end of it. Meghan was a bit angry with one of Kate’s team members and wasted no time in telling her so. Unfortunately for her, Kate stood up for her team member and the two clashed.

Support That Quit


Do not get it twisted though, it is not only Meghan who had seen her employees leave. Prince Harry’s private secretary, Ed Lane Fox, also left after five years with the family. According to the sources it was Ed Lane Fox who helped Harry through all his tough times in life.

Kate Getting Rid of Staff

You might not expect it, but Kate has caused quite a stir as well. After she became the Duchess, two staff members left the property. Both the gardener and the housekeeper. This is due to the fact that Kate wants to handle some of the tasks herself. Good for her!

Living the Normal Life


Kate is actually from your very typical family and wants to keep her life as normal as possible. Some think that she is the one that is looking after the Royal Family, while others believe that she wants to return to her previous private life as soon as possible. Hopefully not!

New Times

Meghan sure did bring some new, young energy to the family, but in doing so has shaken the ground under long-serving employees. The former is not used to early morning messages. And they are especially not used to being told what to do without any freedom. New times are proving difficult.

New Departures


Melissa’s departure might have come as a surprise, but there were six other employees who resigned as soon as the marriage ceremony was over. The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall’s personal secretary, the Queen’s media secretary, and the royal director of communications are just some of the people who left.

Honor, Warmth, and Compassion

With so many departures, spaces have opened up for potential employees. The former ones claim that it is an honor to work for the Royal Family and that they are warm and compassionate. If you follow the rules, you have nothing to worry about. And if you want to work there, you need to have a great knowledge of the Royal Family prior.

Not an Easy Job


Obviously, there are numerous different reasons as to why employees leave the palace. Do not forget that there are numerous responsibilities placed on your shoulders as soon as you take the job there. You will be expected to do your job, even if you have to stay up for a couple of days in a row.

A Harsh Interview

You simply need to be ready to do the job properly. You need to be polite, etiquette and be educated. And then you face an intense interview. After that, the family decides whether they would like to see you as a part of their family or not. It might seem like a struggle, but you would be honored to join them.

Keeping the Members Safe


There are numerous things that the assistant is responsible for. Sure, they are not directly tasked with keeping the members safe and sound, but out in the public that is their mission as well. These people are prepared to give their lives for the royals, even though it is not in their job description.

A Dream Job

There is no denying that working alongside the Royal Family is a dream job for many people out there. Many have worked hard to get their spot in the palace, and it does not matter whether you leave happy or in a pool of tears in the end. What matters is that you were a part of something bigger than anything else in the world.

Ordinary People


Do not forget that the royals are people just like we are. And just like us they too can have their good days and days where they feel like crap. They too are bound to make mistakes at some point in their lives. It is something that team member just have to learn to live with and deal with.

Your Regular Boss

Let us put this in different terms. There is not a person out there today who have not gotten into an argument with their boss at one point in their career. A difficult boss is especially tough to handle, but it is no different than to work for the Royal Family. Just like in a regular job, you cannot simply quit because of one argument.

Willing to Take the Job?


Sure, it may seem like working for the Royal Family could be a drag and quite hard, but is it really? Make no mistake, you are living with the royals. And if you get used to the early morning texts and constant media exposure then this job might be for you.

Instability and Chaos

It does not matter why the staff member is leaving the palace. What matters is that the new employees are not that easy to get. If you replace a bunch of employees at the same time it can cause quite the instability and even lead to mild chaos. It seems that, for now, the family has some great advisors, and people who are able to keep things running smoothly.

New Staff, New Baby


It is not that hard for the family to find the replacements for the positions that they offer. That means that Meghan will probably find someone who can handle her needs if she is really as bossy as the sources are claiming. Whatever the case may be, there is one simple thing that nobody can ignore – the baby is on its way, and it will not wait for new employees.

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