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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Have Decided to Call It Quits

Written by Kalvi Bhoomi

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth had a firecracker marriage less than a year ago that surprised the world. They have put on quite the show of marital bliss throughout their short marriage, but recently rumor has it that it’s no longer blissful.

A rep for Miley Cyrus recently reported that the newly married couple has agreed to separate at this time. They made a mutual agreement to split up, throwing in the towel on their marriage so soon.

Not So Blissful

Miley and Liam certainly didn’t enjoy marital bliss for a very long period of time. It leaves us to consider what’s happened that has pulled them apart and caused them to choose to walk away from their loving marital relationship so quickly. We’re sure rumors will start to fly, but we’re quite sure there has to be more to the story then what meets the eye.

Mutual Agreement

Sources say that Liam and Miley chose to separate because it was what was best for both of them. They certainly didn’t hold that opinion when they jumped into marriage so quickly. Will their mutual split lead them back to each other or are they calling it quits for good this time?

Animal Care

Miley and Liam had several animal children. They both state that they will lovingly work together to care for their animals and that they are dedicated to making sure the animals are taken care of and loved despite the fact that they are taking time apart from one another. Will this lead to a custody battle?

Who Gets the Animals?

If Liam and Miley decide to split permanently, how will they determine who gets the animals? Will they settle on joint custody or will they split them up into their separate lives and households? How will this impact the animals and will it turn into a public fight when they get to that point?

Things Change

Liam and Miley appear to have split on positive terms. They have released comments that set the scene for them maintaining a friendship that simply does not involve married life. They claim that they are constantly changing, as both individuals and a team and they have reached a point that separation is best for the time being.


Will Liam and Miley continue to see each other off-screen? They both want to continue to focus on and build their careers, which takes considerable time and effort. Does this mean they will still meet up when they are conveniently near or are they walking away from each other for the long haul?

A Lasting Decision?

Miley posted a picture on Instagram that was somewhat of a prelude to the official announcement of their split. In the picture, she was by herself and her hand was fully displayed with no wedding band attached. Questions began to fly right away as fans began to notice her empty ring finger.

Miley is a Free Spirit

Miley has always been a free spirit, walking her own way. Was committing to a dedicated relationship simply too much for her to handle? Did she tire of working side-by-side with a husband or is there more to the story? We’re quite sure the details will come out in the wash, but our curiosity is certainly on high alert.

Out With Friends

Kaitlynn Carter, Brody Jenner’s ex recently posted pictures of her and Miley on a boat at Lake Como in Italy. She captioned a photo with “Rock the boat, don’t rock the boat baby.” In the photo, Miley strikes a provocative pose. These pictures were posted on Friday and the split was announced quite shortly after.

Hush Hush

Aside from the generic comments provided about growing apart and needing to focus on their careers, very little information has been given to the public regarding Liam and Miley splitting up. What’s the secret, and why is no one talking? Considering the short marriage, it would appear there’s more to be said.

Life Gets Busy

Were Liam and Miley simply too busy to enjoy life as a married couple? Did they determine that they are more compatible on a friendship basis, or did they find that they bring out the worst in each other rather than the best? The question is, are the splitting up for real this time?

On-Again, Off-Again

Miley and Liam have played the back and forth game in their relationship for over a decade. They started seeing each other after filming together in the romantic drama “The Last Song”, which was released in 2010. Since they worked together on the set, they have been off and on for years.

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